If you have a safe or vault, it’s for a good reason; it’s where you store valuables, documents, memorabilia, and personal items. You may think that everything kept inside is protected until you need to access your items, but this isn’t the case — things can go wrong.

Imagine you urgently need to obtain something important (like a passport or emergency funds) from your safe or vault, but can’t open it for whatever reason. Frustrating, right?

The key to getting your safe open when you absolutely need to is ensuring you keep an eye on it and call for safe and vault maintenance services when the situation arises.

Learn more about the importance of safety and vault services, and if you’re located in Sun Prairie and the Greater Madison area, contact Locks and Unlocks today.

Safes & Vaults In Commercial Settings

When you work in a restaurant or retail environment, you’ll see employees regularly cycle through. You also have a safe that you use quite often, maybe even every day.

If you’re a manager or owner, always be aware of how many employees can access your safe and vault. And, if/when an employee leaves or there is a management turnover, you’ll want to be sure to change the combination immediately to protect yourself from potential theft.

If there is no concern or risk of a security breach, we recommend scheduling safe and vault maintenance and inspection at least once annually.

Safes & Vaults In Residential Settings

On the other hand, homeowners rarely ever access their safes and vaults unless they need to. Since residential vaults and safes are seldom used, remembering how to use them can be tricky. It can be especially stressful and frustrating when you need to get hold of precious belongings but are unable to.

While annual regular maintenance and inspection aren’t as essential for residential safe and vault owners, it’s imperative to be on the lookout for signs your lockbox may be at risk.

How Do I Know If I Need Safe & Vault Maintenance Services?

Here are three signs to be aware that your safe requires professional servicing:

1.) It’s difficult to open

If you have trouble opening your safe on the first try, that’s a warning sign. Even if you’re able to get it open eventually, safes and vaults are designed to open smoothly. When it becomes a challenge, you want to call for maintenance to avoid future problems.

2.) The lock is loose, stiff, crooked, or wobbly

A loose, stiff, crooked, or wobbly lock on your safe and vault is not a good sign. You’ll want to reach out for professional service as soon as you notice the problem. It can be a quick fix, but the longer you wait, the worse the issue becomes.

3.) You hear strange noises

Obviously, safes and vaults should be seen and not heard. When you start to notice strange noises coming from your safe when opening, that’s a concern. There could be a variety of factors contributing to sound, and a professional can help to determine the repair or maintenance service required.

Measures You Can Take On Your Own

Like we said, regular maintenance and inspections are only necessary annually or if you notice a problem. Whether it’s a commercial or residential safe and vault, there are easy measures you can take to ensure your safe is in the best shape possible.

  1. NEVER slam the door of your safe — this can cause damage to the system’s bolts.
  2. DON’T spin the wheel as fast as you can — enter your combination smoothly and steadily.
  3. DO use a digital combination — this method is more convenient and easier on your system.

Call for Safe & Vault Maintenance Services Immediately

Locks and Unlocks can assist with combination changes and also get you out of a jam if you have a malfunctioning safe, need to drill your safe open, or need a new system entirely.

If your safe is difficult to open, the lock appears damaged, or you notice strange noises, call us right away. This is a sign of trouble.