Safes & Vaults Services

Safes & Vaults Services

Getting locked out of a home safe with precious valuables and documents trapped inside is a frustrating problem we encounter often with homeowners. It can also be really unsettling for store owners when a trusted employee quits out of the blue with full access to your company’s information and valuables inside of your safe. Whether you are a large commercial bank with a giant vault or a homeowner with a small safe, we are happy to come open, repair, and service your safe.


If you’ve recently had a change in management, then you know how important it is to have the combinations changed on your safe or vault. Gas stations, jewelry retailers, restaurants, and many other commercial businesses will call Locks and Unlocks, Inc., to change combinations, repair malfunctioning safe locks, drill safes open, and install new safes. We often advise businesses who use their safe every day to have it serviced at least once a year, or when we come out to do a combination change.


Unlike commercial safes, residential safes are not used very often, but often contain a homeowners most important documents and belongings. Because they are not used very often, it is common to lose the safe combination, or forget how to dial it properly. The expert safecrackers at Locks and Unlocks, Inc can open a locked safe, repair any faulty components and get it back into working order. If you are locked out of your safe, or your safe isn’t working call the expert residential locksmiths at Locks and Unlocks, Inc.


Safes get abused quite a bit, especially if they are used every day in a commercial setting. To keep your safe in working order, follow these five steps:

1. Don’t slam the door. Because safe doors are so heavy, the internal components can be damaged or the bolts can be bent as a result of slamming.

2. Don’t spin the dial 100 mph. It can be quite fun to pretend that your dial safe is a pinwheel, but spinning too quickly wears down the mechanisms inside of the lock. Instead, spin it slowly. If you need to get into your safe quickly or frequently, a digital combination might suit your need better than a dial.

3. Use a digital combination. We recommend a digital combination for convenience and less room for error. When you have a dial combination, you can often get the lock open without the exact combination as it might open on half steps. For instance if your combination is 09-15-32 the dial lock might open on 10-16-33. Upgrading to a digital combination makes sure that the lock only opens on the numbers given.

4. Do annual maintenance on your safes and vaults. More important for heavily used commercial safes or vaults, annual maintenance is a cost effective way to keep your safe in the best working condition.

5. Service your safe at the first sign of trouble. The cost to service your safe is significantly higher if you wait until you can’t open your safe. If your safe does not open reliably, call your expert safe locksmith at Locks and Unlocks, Inc immediately Don’t wait until the problem becomes bigger and more costly.