Residential Locksmith Services

Residential Locksmith Services

Helping Homeowners Increase Their Home Security, One Key at a Time

Many of our residential customers don’t think enough about their home safety. Maybe you only have a key to your front door? Or, you have several different keys for your whole house? Streamlining and securing your home locks will bring security and greater efficiency to your home safety.

Residential Locksmith Services We Provide

Rekeying: If you’ve lost your keys to your home (or never had a set to begin with), we can alter the locks so that new keys can be made to work without the need to replace the entire lock on the door.

Residential Lock Repair: All of your locks should work in your home. If they don’t, then consider getting some peace of mind by having the locksmith specialists at Locks and Unlocks, Inc., fix them. Some common problems when it comes to residential lock repair, include:

Latch Failure: This occurs when the knob turns but the door does not open because the latch does not release.

Broken Tailpiece: This happens when the bolt in a deadbolt lock does not retract when you turn the key in the deadbolt.

Loose Lock: Having a lock falling off the door because of loose screws.

Your door won’t shut or latch: This occurs when the latch on the lock does not line up with the strike on the door.

Irreparable damage to the lock: Some locks just can’t be fixed. When this happens, we can always install a new lock system.

Lock Replacement: Locks break and become out-dated or unserviceable. When this happens, we will find the most appropriate lock system for your needs and install the replacement for you.

Deadbolt Installation: A deadbolt installation can be an affordable way to VASTLY improve your home’s security. The body of a deadbolt lock is designed to be more difficult to break, as the steel bolt extends beyond the door jamb and into the door frame.

Lockouts: We’ve all had that moment when the door shuts behind us and we know we’ve left the key behind. When this happens, call the locksmith technician at Locks and Unlocks, Inc. After 15 years, they have never left a home without getting someone back in.

Garage Door Remotes: Many new cars are built with electronic systems linked to your garage door. If you are a new homeowner and the previous homeowners also had this system/technology in their car, then you run the risk of unauthorized entry. The only way to be safe is to change the unique combination on your garage door. At Locks and Unlocks, Inc., we sell garage door opener remotes and can reprogram garage openers as well as keypads.

Keyed Alike: If you have several different keys to get in and out of your house (e.g., one for the back door, one for the front door, one for the garage), then it is time to call the rekeying experts at Locks and Unlocks, Inc. We can make all of your locks work with one key, which is very similar to having a master key for your home.

Skeleton Locks: Skeleton locks on old hardware can be challenging to find replacements and repair. Our experts can help you improve the functionality of these old lock systems and suggest more modern systems to improve your home safety.

Safes: If your electronic keypad safe isn’t working or you’d like to upgrade the locking mechanism on an old safe, then call the safe specialist at Locks and Unlocks, Inc. We have a Certified Master Safecracker (CMS) who specializes in safe repair, safe cracking, and safe maintenance. It is best to have your safe serviced yearly for optimal performance.

Gun Safe Servicing and Repair: Friday night before opening day of hunting season, you don’t want to be the only guy who can’t get into his gun safe. Be ready for the season with our gun safe servicing and repair by the safe specialists at Locks and Unlocks, Inc.

Duplicates: We can make duplicate keys for your home on site, or you can bring your keys to us to duplicate by appointment. Hardware stores often call us when keys are too complicated for them to duplicate.

Keypads: Hiding the spare key under the doormat may not be a safety feature fit for your home, if you are known for losing your keys. Instead, consider investing in a keyless entry system with the use of keypads for your home. Never worry about digging your house keys out of the bottom of your purse again and enjoy improved security for your home.