Rental Property Locksmith

If you own or manage a rental property, then you know how important it is to maintain the safety of your units. To keep your rental properties safe and secure for your tenants, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Always rekey the locks after the tenant moves out. The risk of lost keys or unreturned keys leaves future tenants at risk of previous tenants re-entering . Locks and Unlocks, Inc., offers full rekeying services, both on and off site.
  • Use high security restricted keys. Our expert locksmiths at Locks and Unlocks, Inc., have seen many scenarios where unrestricted keys have been duplicated multiple times. Our high security restricted keys cannot be duplicated, and will give you the peace of mind knowing that you control the number of keys having access to your building.
  • Manage your units using a master key system. Master keys make management of your units easier and safer in emergency situations. Authorized personnel would have access to every door with only one key while individual tenants have access to only their own unit and other locked public areas (such as a laundry room). Locks and Unlocks, Inc., has created many of these master key systems and can design one for your specific needs, as well.
  • Maintain your automatic door closers. If you have a multi-unit system with one or two main entrances, it is critical that you maintain the automatic door closers on these external doors. Extensive use of these external doors often requires replacement of the door closers. At Locks and Unlocks, Inc., we can affordably service and replace automatic door closers.
  • Manage mailbox key systems in multi-unit dwellings. In multi-units, it can be challenging to maintain the mailbox key system, which can lead to mail theft or tenants getting locked out of their mailboxes. We service mailboxes including rekeying and lock replacement.
  • Reprogram garage door openers. When your tenants move out, trust the experts at Locks and Unlocks, Inc., to reprogram garage door opener remotes. By securing your front doors, preventing key duplication, managing your units through a master key system, and keeping other points of entry–like a garage door or mailboxes–safe and secure, you are providing your properties and your tenants with the best security system possible. To better understand security for your property, we offer FREE security surveys to point out areas of concern. Call us for a free and accurate quote on our property management locksmith services.