Locksmith Services

Automotive Locksmith Services

We are your Locksmith for Car Keys
We’ve all had that moment – the moment we turn our backs on our car and wince, realizing the inevitable truth, that we need to find a locksmith for car key replacement and/or for getting into our vehicle as soon as possible.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Protecting your business and assets, whether it is a store, office building, school, or multi-unit property, starts with the locks on your doors. At Locks and Unlocks, Inc., we offer top-of-the line products, installation and commercial locksmith services that will improve and maintain your businesses’ security.

Rental Property Locksmith

If you own or manage a rental property, then you know how important it is to maintain the safety of your units. To keep your rental properties safe and secure for your tenants, we recommend taking the following steps

Residential Locksmith Services

Many of our residential customers don’t think enough about their home safety. Maybe you only have a key to your front door? Or, you have several different keys for your whole house? Streamlining and securing your home locks will bring security and greater efficiency to your home safety.

Safes & Vaults Services

Getting locked out of a home safe with precious valuables and documents trapped inside is a frustrating problem we encounter often with homeowners. It can also be really unsettling for store owners when a trusted employee quits out of the blue with full access to your company’s information and valuables inside of your safe.