Keys and Rekeying Locksmith Services


Replacing Lost Keys: involves finding a code for the lock. We do this by either scoping the lock itself or sometimes using our up-to-date computer software that generates a code. Depending on the circumstances, we choose the most efficient method, cut your key, and get you on your way.

Rekeying Locks: is a somewhat simple process of making a different key work in the same lock by changing the pins, or the insides of the lock. Your old key won’t work anymore!

Our mobile workshop gives us the ability to duplicate keys on site. We carry most automotive keys, electronic or regular, and just about every other kind of key you can think of.

As part of our “Fix-It” guarantee, we stand behind our duplicate keys. They are guaranteed to work, and if they don’t, we’ll buy you lunch.

Locks and Unlocks, Inc. replaces keys or rekeys locks for many different reasons.

  • Your business has employee turnover
  • You bought a new home/building
  • A relationship has ended (such as a divorce)
  • Your entire keyring got lost in the lake while boating

**Warning** We have yet to be taken up on our offer.