When you run a business, having secure locks is essential and safeguards your building, staff, customers, and livelihood ‒ and making sure the front and back doors have proper locks is only the start!

There may be various rooms and accessways on your commercial property. You may use storage rooms, filing cabinets, basements, or attics for storage. Not to mention, you have copies of your keys to all these rooms and places floating around in the hands of multiple employees (and former employees.)

So, how often should a business change their locks? Having served a range of small businesses and property owners throughout the Greater Madison, WI, area, Locks and Unlocks, Inc is here to share everything you need to know about changing your business locks.

Let’s get started!

How Often Should You Change Your Business Locks?

Employee turnover rate, the security of the local neighborhood, and the value of your property, products, and supplies are all things to take into consideration when deciding how often to change your business locks.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution ‒ every business and property is unique and has its own security needs. Generally speaking, businesses and property owners should change their locks every one to two years.

Depending on your security needs, you may find it necessary to change your locks more frequently.

Even if your property or business doesn’t fall under a high-risk category, changing your locks consistently is a smart security practice.

So, for your peace of mind, and to give your livelihood the protection it deserves, update your current locks if you haven’t for some time.

When Should You Change Your Business Locks?

If someone has broken into your business or property, you should change your locks immediately. Someone may have been able to break in because they, or someone they know, has a copy of your key.

Have you recently terminated a disgruntled employee who had their key to the property? Even if they’ve returned the key, they could’ve made copies of it.

Has it been brought to your attention that someone you don’t know may have access to your keys? Perhaps you or an employee lost their copies of the key or had them stolen.

Did you recently have contractors working on your property? Were they given the keys to come and go as they pleased? Regardless of how well you may know them, it may be in your best interest to update your keys just in case. It’s possible their employees, whom you may not know as well, had access to your keys and business locks.

These types of scenarios don’t necessarily mean your building or business is at immediate risk, but they do call for a change in your locks if you want to be on the safe side.

High-Security Locks & Keys

Traditional turn-and-lock keys are easy to copy. Even if your keys have “Do Not Copy” engraved them this is often not enough to stop others from duplicating them. Luckily, there are alternatives to traditional turn-and-lock systems that can optimize your security system.

The following commercial keys and locksmith services can help you improve and maintain the security of your business:

  • High-Security Restricted Keys
  • Primus Locks & Keys
  • MX12 Restricted Locks & Keys
  • Electric Strike Systems
  • Electronic Keypads
  • Biometric Keypads

If you’re a property owner or manager, it may be wise to invest in a Master Key System. That way, residents only have access to their individual properties. Master Key Systems are also beneficial when emergency personnel need access to the premises.

Is It Time to Change Your Locks?

If your business or property is long overdue for a change in locks, a professional locksmith can help you meet all of your security needs. Do you own commercial property or a business in Madison, WI, or surrounding areas? Contact Locks and Unlocks, Inc for assistance today!