Locks and Unlocks, Inc. – Meet the Team

Jake Matteson, CPL, CMS

Company Owner, Lead Technician, Safe Technician. Jake took an opportunity to learn a trade that intrigued him while he sat around waiting to tarp and move semi-trailers. Then he bugged and annoyed a locksmith for weeks, maybe months, to hire him. Years later, his talent developed into a successful business that sustains itself and others. He has a determined mind to solve the problem in front of him no matter what it takes.

Jake is a movie goer, plays pool and ping pong with his kids and loves to be surrounded by lots of family and friends. His most recent passion is bowling.

​Querks: leaves silly little surprises for his wife. Treasure hunts and romantic weekend getaways.

Lorelei Matteson

Financial and Operations Manager. Numbers, spreadsheets, budgets, reports. She is the organization, the forms, the papers, the business plan, the marketing. Lorelei is diverse, answering phones, paying the bills and the employees, writing up estimates and hopefully making things look pretty. You might see her in the field but probably not ever with a screw driver.

Her most favorite thing in the world to do is watching her kids play sports and music. She loves pictures, learning to playing the piano, focusing on a details project, and going on Jake’s weekend getaways.

Querks: maybe a little OCD, liking things neat and orderly. (but don’t ever visit her office desk)

Matt Butler, RL

Stoughton’s Lead Technician. Matt has a nac for understanding the inner workings of mechanical devices. He is incredibly social and amazing at holding up his end of a conversation. Matt has an old-fashion kind of integrity and devotion to his work and the people he surrounds himself with.

He takes pride is his children and family life, tractor pulling, troop leadership and helping out his friends at any given moment.

​Querks: he’s a bit goofy and makes funny faces when he takes selfies.