About Locks and Unlocks, Madison Area Locksmith

About Locks and Unlocks, Madison Area Locksmith

Locks and Unlocks: Helping People for over 10 years

Locks and Unlocks, Inc. – In the Business Of Helping People for Over 10 Years

Since 2005, Locks and Unlocks, Inc., has been the Madison area locksmith helping people when it comes to fixing locks, unlocking doors, replacing keys, and servicing safes. Owner and operator, Jake Matteson, is the person you call when the worst happens, whether you’re locked out of the house on a cold winter day or you lock the keys in your car while it’s running. Jake has seen it all and enjoys helping people whose lives are stopped in their tracks due to lock emergencies. No problem is too big (like apartment master keying or opening a burglarized safe) or too small (like making a duplicate of your house key) for Jake, as he enjoys the diversity of unusual and unique requests. It keeps him wondering what he’ll do next.

Locks and Unlocks Personal Guarantee

Our Personal Guarantee

With over 10 years of high quality business, Locks and Unlocks, Inc., always brings a high level of integrity, respect for customer security, and a solutions-driven troubleshooting philosophy to the worksite. Jake’s passion in the business, and the reason behind his continued repeat business, is that he likes finding out the “why” when something isn’t working. Some customers think he’s a magician. For Jake, it’s not magic; it’s just his years of experience and a deep understanding of all types of locks. It’s why, in his 15 years of working as a locksmith, he has never left anyone stranded. If you call him to unlock your home or car, he won’t leave until you’ve gotten in; that is his personal guarantee.

Locks and Unlocks Owners

About The Owners

Jake and Lorelei Matteson solely own and operate Locks and Unlocks, Inc., as a Christian-based company. Jake is the mastermind locksmith technician as a Certified Professional Locksmith (CPL) and Certified Master Safecracker (CMS). As the face and personality of the company, Jake is really good at helping people who are having a bad day, and arriving at each job with the patience and skill necessary to get the job done. He won’t go home until the job is done because it is his personal goal to help make people’s day better. Lorelei is the behind-the-scenes support system, dedicated to the accounting and marketing functionalities of this family-owned-and-operated company.